“I’m excited to reach out to my fans in a way that allows them a glimpse into my past. The song ‘Know Me Now’ is a personal take that puts in motion a unique Rap/R&B crossover album. It’s creative. It’s vibrant. It’s different.”


“On All Accounts” is the much over-due breath of fresh air that the Rap and R&B scene needed. J Alive delivers a sound that drives rap back to its roots; focusing on emphasizing lyrics and perfecting authentic production. With technology and their ability to share audio files instantly, J Alive was able to create a seamless and profound project while working in both Canada and the United States. “On All Accounts” was constructed by a team of three creatives in two different time-zones with one ultimate goal of gifting listeners an album that shows them that they are not alone in their daily struggles. 


The album was created to share J Alive’s life story with his fans, with the intention for them to grow to know the artist for who he truly is. J Alive wants to give listeners a look at his life from a first-person point of view. Throughout the album, J Alive is extremely transparent in regards to his inner struggles with drugs and a relationship that fell apart due to chasing the dream of musical success. From openly sharing his struggle with self-doubt and doubt of others, to growing up surrounded by violence, J Alive has lived a life filled with the daily struggle of conquering inner demons. 

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